Update: Magic

This week’s update is on magic.

As written in a royal edict spread throughout Faneria:

My loyal subjects,

In the evening of Eran’s Day on the fourth week of autumn, we all suffered from the catastrophe now known as the Century Storm. I am still receiving reports from across Faneria of the damage inflicted by that terrible storm. What we have learned is that the clouds spread even over the Orthys Mountains and into Zahn, and scarcely any land in Elderra was not touched by this storm.

After weeks of research, our brightest scholars have been unable to determine the cause of the Century Storm. Rumours abound that the storm was divine in nature, that it was sent as a punishment or a warning for various reasons, and that if we do not heed its message that greater dangers await. Men and women of Faneria, I implore you not to give in to such superstition. This is the first time in recorded history that any such weather pattern has occurred and we have no indications that anything similar to it is forthcoming. Further, even the Grand Luminary, overlord of all Seers and closest to the divine in all the land, has received no sign that this storm was caused by the actions of the gods.

What we can all agree upon, however, is that the Century Storm was unnatural. How exactly it was involved, we may never know, but the sheer scope of the storm makes it clear that it was caused by magic.

Only a handful of people throughout Faneria can truly claim to be magic users, though they keep this disguised from others. Those who would ignore the message of the true gods that magic is to be spurned will find no refuge within the Light-blessed lands of our fair kingdom. However, mages have been hidden from sight for generations and no display of its evil power has been seen in centuries, so that there are places where mages may find demand of their power.

But no longer. Henceforth, the use of magic is a crime punishable by death. Anyone who knowingly harbours a mage will face immediate imprisonment and seizure of all property, and all items magical in nature must be surrendered to your local reeve or lord. Rewards will be offered to anyone who assists in the apprehension of a user of magic.

We are a nation of Light, and the time has come for us to finally cast off the darkness of ages past.

Signed, King Julius II and Queen Emra, from the City of Albrith

For more information on the world where Sisters of Chaos takes place, visit the World of Elderra section.

Hope to see you at the Pirate Festival in Milton this weekend! I will be at the Local Authors booth all weekend and will be giving readings on the stage every day at 2:30. Monday will bring a new advance reading from Enduring Chaos along with the first sneak peek of the cover art!

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