As written in Reflections of a Ruin Explorer:

Years ago, before the adventures that now define me, I came across a passage written in the ruins of an ancient temple:

Even the smallest stone can create ripples that spread far in a still pond.

It is known as the Storm of the Century. Some refer to it as the storm of a lifetime or even the gods’ thunder. Only the last truly captures the power of this storm, as no weather like that has been witnessed in recorded history.

I only saw the dark clouds begin to gather over Brighton, as I spent much of that time underground. Fitting I suppose. It was not until I returned to Faneria that I realized the true scope of the storm: the clouds boiled out of nothingness into clear skies and spread as fast as a loosed arrow to cover almost the entirety of Elderra. The lightning killed many, destroyed buildings, and set fire to fields and towers across the land. It was immense, and by all accounts, it was terrifying, and I think the ultimate repercussions of the Century Storm have yet to be seen. I still wonder, also, about Nadia’s final words that night, that something was released. Perhaps the story my adventure began is not yet over.

And Edan, oh, how it has changed. It has settled somewhat under its new king, but when he took the throne, that great country split in two. I learned only upon my second return to Faneria that the warlords to the north, headed by the prince of the Maia Desert, opposed the new king’s rule and seceded to form the new empire of Enseros.

And then, in the face of enemies on both sides of Aura Lake, Edan did something that I thought I would never live to see: the new king signed a peace treaty with the king of Faneria. It is still strange to consider. When I traveled through Edan, I had to disguise the fact that I came from Faneria, yet while there remains some bad blood between its people, now after centuries of animosity our countries are allies. Of the relations between Enseros and Faneria, I can only guess, thought I doubt that Faneria would risk this long-awaited peace to unite with Edan’s erstwhile vassals. I fear what might happen if any of the three were to move against any of the others, for with Edan’s split, all three countries are similar in size to each other. Suffice to say that Elderra is a very different place now than it was in my youth.

How much of this might be different if my small stone had not been cast into the pond? I cannot say. Change works in mysterious ways, and I doubt I shall ever know her true intent.

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