World map


Edan: Known as the birthplace of Light, Edan was the first great kingdom of man. Over time it grew to encompass much of Elderra, but its influence has gradually waned. After the previous king died with no heir, the resulting infighting left Edan smaller than it has been in centuries.

Enseros: A new empire founded by Emperor Shalahad, a former lord to the King of Edan. At the close of the civil war within Edan, Shalahad led several provinces in rebellion and seceded. Weakened by the internal battles, Edan was in no position to wage war upon Shalahad. Relations between Edan and Enseros remain hostile.

Faneria: Once a collection of city-states and tribal populations, various peoples banded together into a singular kingdom in defense against Edan’s expansionism. It gradually absorbed other societies until nothing remained west of the mountains but Edan and Faneria.

Zahn: The regions beyond the Orthys Mountains are rarely travelled by the civilized Light. Zahn is home to many non-aligned tribes and small empires. Their attitudes to the western kingdoms range greatly. Some tribes trade sporadically with Faneria and Enseros, though many others are more hostile in nature and a number shy away from all attempts at contact.

Illucia: Separated from the mainland by the Dragon’s Teeth, a range of mountains so precipitous and battered by storms that they are impassable by land, the southern portion of Elderra remains distant and wild. Faneria has laid claim to Illucia and begun sailing across the bay to exploit the untapped resources there, but the cold southern reaches remain unexplored.

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