As told by the Grand Luminary of Faneria during a recent sermon:

Every day, I speak of the gifts the true gods have bestowed upon us. Gifts beyond anything our eternally reaching hands can grasp. By their blessing, we live lives of comfort, peace, and honor, and we are forever indebted to our benevolent gods for guiding our spirits to do good at all times.

But let us never forget that it was not always this way. The story of our glorious age begins in a time of great darkness. It begins in the Time of Gods and Magic.

We speak of the Gods of Light as the ‘true gods’ because other, malicious deities once claimed dominion over these lands. The old gods. The Gods of Time. These heathen figures, with their flaws, their pride, and their dalliances ruled over all of this world long ago. Even those faithful to the old gods often suffered at their hands. These gods were as fickle as their commanding aspects: Fortune, Mystery, Truth, Change, Fate. They favored few and concerned themselves more with their own standing than with the welfare of their followers. They neither rewarded the noble nor punished the wicked. It was a time of great suffering.

Then, suddenly, salvation! The true gods appeared! They showed the people the goodness of their own virtues: Strength, Wisdom, Love, Justice, and Life. With their arrival, hope swept across the land as quickly as war. The old gods fought callously, unwilling to release their grip from the pedestals they had built for themselves.

The war that followed was long and vicious, and both the lands and people of that ancient time were ravaged by the bloodshed. Many people flocked to the banner of the Gods of Light, but more remained ensnared by the old gods, along with fearsome creatures and commanders of dreadful power. The worst among these was but a child of the Gods of Time: the Goddess of Chaos. She alone caused the most damage and inflicted the most suffering upon the pious.

But her arrogance did not avail her. She believed herself invincible when she came to duel with the God of Strength. Few people ever saw their battle, but the tremors spread across all of Elderra. When at last the God of Strength emerged victorious, the tides of war turned. The Goddess of Chaos was bound and imprisoned for all time and her vile masters soon fell. The Gods of Light, the true and only gods, defeated their enemies and cast them from our world forever.

On that day, the true gods cast aside their names, presenting themselves to us as the pure essences we aspire to. Gradually, all remnants of the old gods were stricken from the land. To this day, we refuse to give those vile deities our thoughts, though I speak today that we may never forget how great the goodness of Light is, or to know how much our people have suffered to enjoy our blessed lives.

And let us also ever appreciate how much the true gods have given us. Through them, that deadliest and most sinister of forces, magic, is gone. Through them, our people have united into the greatest kingdom Elderra has ever known. Through them, this land that once spoke two dozen tongues speaks in the same language, and their influence even allows us to communicate with our neighbours with ease.

When you pray to the Gods of Light, as we should all do every day when the sun is highest and when we give thanks for their blessing, do not forget to show them appreciation for the gifts they have given us in years and generations past. For it is those gifts that allow us to live in such comfort today.

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