Site updates

Various updates have been made across the site! These include:

  • Removal of static “home” page and addition of sidebar to news posts.
  • New “History” section under “World of Elderra.” This new page contains information about the major pantheon in the world of Sisters of Chaos.
  • Addition of “Media” section and “Videos” page, including an author interview and an advance reading of Enduring Chaos at Faery Fest in Guelph June 22.

New updates will be coming every other Friday up until the release of Enduring Chaos with more information about the world and trilogy and even brand new short stories! Be sure to subscribe using the links in the sidebar so you get the latest updates delivered straight to your inbox or RSS feed.

Finally, please don’t forget about our Indiegogo campaign to produce a live action trailer for Enduring Chaos.


We’ve already made some great progress to reach our goal, but we still need your help! Contribute today for exclusive pre-release copies of the book and spread the word!

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